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Detalles que nunca notaste en tus películas favoritas



Estamos seguros que muchas personas no se han dado cuenta o tienen conocimiento de los siguientes detalles de estas películas que les expondremos.

  1. Parasite

¿Sabías que en esta película se utilizaron gráficos continuos por computadora? Muchos paisajes, casas, texturas, colores fueron añadidos en postproducción.


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Parasite (2019) ????? There was not a single flaw in this film. It is perfection. That is not too say there wasn’t some disappointment, but that has nothing to do with the film itself. It has everything to do with how the film was described by others. We had been under the impression that it was A) a creepy horror film, and 2) had a major twist ending that would spin our perceptions on their heads. Neither of these things were true. So discard any preconceptions before viewing. The film itself was beautifully conceived and crafted and leaves much to ponder and discuss with regards to the title. As a destitute family slowly and methodically execute a plan to infiltrate a rich family in various high-paid help roles, their own dreams of wealth begin to come to fruition. But when one of the old staff members returns to collect something she’d left behind, a major fault line begins to open up, threatening to swallow them all whole. Several scenes of high tension had me holding my breath in anticipation, and as the intensity built to a crescendo, I was left wondering who the titular parasite may be referring to. The obvious conclusion to draw initially is the parasitic family who ousted all the previous staff with their devious plottings. But then a late-comer to the scene sheds new light on a longer-running scenario. However, in perusing the film posters, I was taken by one of the lady of the house (#9 in this series). It struck me that the rich family could be seen as parasitic considering they simply can’t function on their own in any full capacity. Are they who need assistance in performing even the most menial tasks the actual parasites? Much to ponder, Society. ? All actors are on point. I’ve loved Kang-Ho Song since 2006’s The Host. He is always flawlessly relatable. Park So-dam’s and Lee Jeong-eun’s performances set some synapses firing in my brain pan as well. This is one movie I plan to rewatch for hidden clues and deeper meanings. Full 5 stars! #parasite #parasitemovie #parasite2019 #bongjoonho #kanghosong #parksodam #leejeongeun #choiwooshik #jeongjiso #koreanfilms #choyeojeong #leesungyun #janghyejin #parkmyunghoon #jeonghyunjoon #moviereview

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2. Spider-Man: Homecoming

¿Sabías que el actor Tom Holland estaba descansando entre tomas cuando tomaron la foto que fue usada en el póster promocional?

3. Interstellar

¿Sabías que el agujero negro, que es tan científicamente preciso, les tomó 100 horas renderizar cada cuadro creado?


4.  Terminator 2

¿Sabías que el helicóptero tuvo que volar debajo de un puente?

James Cameron quien tomó el equipo del aterrado camarógrafo, que se negó a subir al helicóptero para filmar esta escena.

5. Harry Potter

El profesor Lupin duerme la mayor parte del viaje en tren a Hogwarts, por un detalle extremadamente preciso. La fecha es 1 de septiembre de 1993, y ese día realmente hubo luna llena la noche anterior, por ello el profesor estaba agotado, se había transformado la noche anterior.